High Quality DTF (Direct-to-Film) Supplies, Tools, & Accessories



Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing is rapidly gaining popularity in the custom apparel industry due to its versatility and vibrant results. To achieve the best quality prints, it’s essential to have the right supplies, tools, and accessories. This article provides a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to get started with DTF printing.


Setting up a DTF printing operation requires specific equipment and supplies. This article outlines the essential items, from DTF film and ink to heat transfer machines and ventilation systems, to ensure you have everything needed for high-quality prints.

A Checklist of Equipment & Supplies Needed for DTF Printing

DTF Film

The cornerstone of DTF printing is the DTF transfer film. Think of it as a specialized clear plastic film, also known as PET film, or a see-through carrier sheet. Your design is inkjet-printed on this film before being heat-pressed onto the garment.


Your DTF printer needs a consistent supply of DTF ink, which is different from standard inks. These pigment-based inks are specifically formulated for DTF printing, ensuring vibrant colors and excellent adhesion to both the film and the fabric.

Adhesive Powder

To transfer your design onto fabric, you’ll need adhesive powder. This powder is applied to the printed film, helping the design bond with the fabric when heat-pressed. It’s a crucial component to ensure your prints stick properly.

Heat Transfer Machine

A heat press machine is essential for applying the design from the DTF film to the garment. This machine uses heat and pressure for a set amount of time to ensure a strong bond and vibrant print on your t-shirt or other material.

Rip Software

To manage your printing projects efficiently, connect your DTF printer to RIP (Raster Image Processor) software. This software, like Print Optimizer RIP, allows you to control and optimize your print settings for the best results.


An automatic DTF powder shaker and dryer machine is a great addition if you’re applying adhesive powder by hand. It evenly spreads and melts the adhesive powder onto your design, streamlining the process and improving consistency.

Extractor (Ventilation)

While DTF printing is relatively eco-friendly, it can produce minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and air pollutants. Installing proper ventilation or a DTF fume extractor will keep your workspace safe and well-ventilated.

Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining your DTF printer is crucial for long-term performance. Stock up on cleaning solutions, wipes, and maintenance kits to keep the printer heads and other components clean and functioning properly.


Investing in high-quality DTF supplies, tools, and accessories is essential for producing vibrant and durable prints. With the right equipment, such as DTF film, ink, adhesive powder, heat transfer machines, and proper ventilation, you can ensure a smooth and efficient printing process. Remember, good maintenance practices and using the right software will further enhance your printing capabilities. By following this comprehensive checklist, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the DTF printing industry and produce top-notch custom apparel.